Pavit Ramesh

Melbourne Networking Event Leader

Pavit is a recent graduate from Monash University with a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability. Having previously studied Mechanical Engineering and having worked in the automotive industry, he decided to head back to the books to drive his mission to leave a positive social and environmental impact on the planet. He is passionate about the interface of sustainability and business, and the emerging wave of purpose-driven businesses, ethical supply chains and conscious leadership.

Having stumbled upon Moral Fairground while pursuing his research thesis on social enterprises and B Corps, he found an instant connection and decided to join us as a volunteer. Since then, he has become a part of our team and will be working on Networking and Events. He is keen on bringing like-minded people together to further contribute towards a conscious and collaborate effort to drive change.

Pavit currently works at Monash University, focusing on database management and research.