Kari Allen

Co-Founder – Sparkke

Kari Allen is the Co-founder of Sparkke, one of the world’s first all-female alcohol companies tackling the entrenched cultural and gender biases of a $15+ billion pa male dominated industry. They launched in the market in December 2016 with the most successful alcohol crowd funding campaign in Australia’s history. Kari’s extensive international marketing experience with companies such as Nike, ANZ and LendLease is now now applied to this disruptive social enterprise.

Collaboration from the Trenches

Social Enterprise founders will reflect on their own experiences working with peers, partners, suppliers and customers in growing their impact businesses. Hear from their positive and negative experiences about what worked, what was costly, what they wish they’d known and they way they collaborate in the future.

Moderated by David Carbines from Red Hat Impact, hear from three of Australia’s leading social enterprises and their (mis)adventures in collaboration

Session Outcomes:
Designed for impact leaders building their own social enterprise, participants will gain primary perspectives on:
1. What makes a good collaborative partnership.
2. The hidden costs of collaboration.
3. How they can better structure and approach their own collaborations.