Lynne Jarvis

Working Group, Tender Tasmania and Secretary, Care Beyond Cure Inc.

Lynne Jarvis has worked in the human services area across a variety of fields for over 30 years, developing a keen interest in Health Promoting Palliative Care in 2011. From that time, Lynne has worked in the pre and post death care space in both a community development and direct practice capacity, with a special interest in the rights of families to care for their own following death. In her spare time, Lynne is committed to her volunteer role with Care Beyond Cure Inc, which established Australia’s first Community Coffin Club three years ago – a club that has just released a 2020 Death Literacy Calendar, kickstarting Care Beyond Cure’s fundraising efforts towards establishing Tender Funerals Tasmania.

Multi stakeholder collaborations for Community Outcomes

Tender Funerals is a community-led enterprise that provides affordable, personal and culturally sensitive funerals. Tender is currently franchising their model and catalysing change across the funeral industry in Australia. The work is being done in partnership with community groups and funders, and facilitated by SVA and Sefa. This panel will explore how various stakeholders can work together to achieve positive community outcomes.