Chris Croker

Managing Director at Impact Investment Partners

Managing Director of Impact Investment Partners, founded in 2014 to apply social impact principles to large-scale commercial investments. He is a Luritja man from Central Australia with a passion for sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Infrastructure.

He is an experienced strategy advisor with Indigenous economic development, asset management, corporate strategy and infrastructure construction. He has held positions in leading companies including Horizon Power, Boston Consulting Group and Australian mining and civil engineering contractor – Henry Walker Eltin.

Chris holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) from the University of Queensland.

About Impact Investment Partners

Impact Investment Partners (Impact IP) is a specialist infrastructure investment manager that applies social impact principles to large-scale commercial investments. Its executive team and board members have hands-on experience in infrastructure execution, construction and operations. Impact IP and its Investment Committee also have a depth of experience in investment advisory, private equity, and Australian and international infrastructure funds management.

Since 2014, Impact IP has been delivering a range of consulting and advisory services to Australian state and territory governments, investors and Indigenous communities. It has led policy development in respect to Aboriginal self-determination, regional infrastructure development and community housing investments. As part of its work, Impact IP developed a proprietary Indigenous Social and Economic Returns (ISER) Index to understand and measure the key benefits of infrastructure investment to Indigenous communities.

It has also developed the first Australian investment fund focused on Indigenous infrastructure, offering market-based financial returns and positive change.