Catherine Wyatt

Director Y-Impact

Catherine is director and a social impact consultant at Y Impact. Cath started her career as a business advisor and Chartered Accountant at Perpetual, helping owners to add value to their businesses and grow and protect their passive wealth. After leaving Perpetual in 2016, Cath co-founded a consultancy to use this experience to further drive the change she wanted to see in the world. Cath is also an Advisory Board member for a number of not for profits and social enterprises and is chair of Mettle. Mettle is an ethical gift delivery service connecting women experiencing homelessness, due to domestic/family violence, with meaningful employment and support services.

Y Impact
Y Impact is a social enterprise helping social entrepreneurs to strengthen their business model and achieve financial sustainability. They also partner with family business owners to make authentic social impact a part of their business’ core value and therefore a part of doing everyday business.
Y Impact has just launched a mentoring program at Perpetual & Fordham to provide opportunities for Advisors to connect to purpose and strengthen the breadth and agility of their advice delivery, through working directly with social entrepreneurs.

Food, Fashion, Future

Food, Fashion, Future – How collaboration within the Food & Fashion industries have created prosperous social enterprises, that tackle social & environmental challenges head-on. But how will we expand across industries and sectors for a prosperous future?

Session Outcomes:
Learn specific examples of how experienced social entrepreneurs have used the power of partnerships and collaborations to build their brands and create real social & environmental change, and how cross-sector collaboration and social impact planning can bring unlikely partners together