Claire Goldsworthy

Founder & Editor – The Fashion Advocate

Claire Goldsworthy is The Fashion Advocate; an ethical fashion advocate, eco-activist and supporter of sustainable style. Claire founded The Fashion Advocate in 2014, and what started as a blog and daily fashion dairy, has grown to encompass an annual print magazine, an influencer profile, and an online store which stocks 50+ ethical and sustainable Australian and New Zealand fashion labels. All online orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free and home-compostable packaging, and $2 is donated from every sale to pay it forward and support women and children in Australia. The Fashion Advocate is more than an online store; The Fashion Advocate is a community of brands, businesses and consumers who share ethical and sustainable values, working collectively towards a positive fashion future through conscious design and conscious consumption.

Food, Fashion, Future

Food, Fashion, Future – How collaboration within the Food & Fashion industries have created prosperous social enterprises, that tackle social & environmental challenges head-on. But how will we expand across industries and sectors for a prosperous future?

Session Outcomes:
Learn specific examples of how experienced social entrepreneurs have used the power of partnerships and collaborations to build their brands and create real social & environmental change, and how cross-sector collaboration and social impact planning can bring unlikely partners together