Hannah Colman

Hospitality Professional and Swinburne Multimedia

Hannah is a hospitality professional, Swinburne Multimedia (Media Studies) graduate and occasional freelance writer with a soft spot for limericks. She’s worked in restaurants for over 10 years, and loves food (particularly Italian, Mexican and Thai) and the social side of hospitality. After volunteering with the refugee community in Fitzroy, including editing *bespoken, a newspaper providing a voice to marginalised members of the community, run by The Social Studio, Hannah co-founded Scarf with Jess Moran in 2010.

Hannah was a mentor in Scarf’s early programs, and looked after marketing and communications for three years, before becoming General Manager in 2013. She firmly believes in the power of social enterprise to allow young people to gain the skills, confidence and connections needed to break into employment. As well as ensuring the trainees get the most out of the program, Hannah is interested in fostering the Scarf community – volunteers, dinner guests, host restaurants, sponsors, knitters and the like. She also spends a bit of time gently reminding people that Scarf is not an acronym! In our case, it’s just a warm, comforting show of support and an expression of culture.

Food, Fashion, Future

Food, Fashion, Future – How collaboration within the Food & Fashion industries have created prosperous social enterprises, that tackle social & environmental challenges head-on. But how will we expand across industries and sectors for a prosperous future?

Session Outcomes:
Learn specific examples of how experienced social entrepreneurs have used the power of partnerships and collaborations to build their brands and create real social & environmental change, and how cross-sector collaboration and social impact planning can bring unlikely partners together