Fabian Courtaux

Co-founder – Trusted Negotiator

Fabian is the Co-Founder of Trusted Negotiator, leading a team with over 200 years of combined experience in high stakes negotiations. Our purpose is to empower people to transform tough conversations into sources of mutual value, trust and impact.

Fabian is a highly commercially astute consultant, coach, facilitator and business adviser with over 20 years’ experience in high stakes negotiations and deal making, across 5 continents and in 4 languages. His key proficiency is in leading negotiations in complex and high-value negotiations.

Immediately prior to arriving in Australia in 2010, Fabian was in charge of DCNS activities in Latin America, where his responsibilities included sourcing, initiating, negotiating and closing major government-to government deals ranging from €10mil to €1bil in value.

Fabian has consulted to and trained hundreds of business leaders in Government, SME and corporate environments, including Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and Inc. 500 companies. Fabian’s clients are in industries ranging from IT, Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas, Maritime Infrastructure, Financial Services, Manufacturing, to the Government sector, such as the Australian Department of Defense (DMO) and Aerospace.

Fabian is the Founding Member and President of Negotiators Without Borders, a global initiative aimed at reducing social inequality and promoting peace. His passion is helping leaders grow, make conscious strategic decisions and build valuable deals with their key stakeholders. He lives in Melbourne, is an avid kite surfer, food connoisseur, world traveler and a dedicated dad of two boys.



Stakeholder Collaboration: How to prepare for a successful outcome

In this session, Fabian Courtaux, the co-founder of Trusted Negotiator will introduce you to Win-With methodology and the indispensable tool – The Deal Canvas – that will enable you to effectively prepare for you to engage with your key stakeholder for a successful outcome. Whether you are resolving a conflict or preparing to cease a market opportunity with your stakeholder, the Deal Canvas will help you smoothly navigate through what can be a messy preparation process, so that you are best positioned for a collaborative outcome.