Jane Hadjion

Founder of Contexis

Jane Hadjion of Contexis is passionate about connecting people to purpose within organisations. She does so by working with business leaders to build organisations where purpose drives strategy in an environment of trust. As a systems thinker, opportunities to reap the benefits of collaboration through Jane’s head regardless of who she is working with. She is driven to urgently improve the way organisations collaborate and the outcomes organisations generate from acting on these opportunities; to repair our planet and the ecosystems that live on it.

Collaboration; It’s pitfalls and the strategies to avoid them

Collaboration is dependent on Trust to get it going, Clarity to motivate and align the parties and Ownership to reap the rewards. The absence of clarity can at best cause the collaboration to be a distraction and at worst allow that distraction to cause damage. Ownership must be felt by the project sponsors, those involved day to day and by those they report to.. With trust, a single instance lacking follow through and it could be broken. Any break could result in your collaborative efforts 1 + 1 equaling 0, not the 3 you hoped for.

Session Outcomes:
– Identify how to gain clarity for collaboration
– How to nest the collaboration within the context of your organisation
– Identify what constitutes a strong purpose Understand how to generate and disseminate ownership
– Understand why trust is essential for collaboration.