Sandy McDonald

Founder – and charity, CreateCare Global

Sandy McDonald is founder of and charity, CreateCare Global. She is an author, a TEDx speaker, and a storytelling trainer, working with businesses to bring clarity of communication through purpose-led story. After 22 years running a marketing communications company, she used purposeful storytelling to start a worldwide community in 71 countries that helps thousands of orphaned children in Africa today.

Her TEDx talk about this, Tell Your Story. Save a Life received a standing ovation, and her book, Get it right online details the framework that achieved this.

Sandy is a fierce proponent of sharing your wisdom through story as a legacy to better humanity, as she believes stories told from clarity of purpose and principles fuel the energy to propagate goodness.

Why story works to inspire collaboration

Story is scientifically proven to be the means of communication we’ve always used to create a sense of belonging—critical to collaboration.

With a focus on the impact of climate change, this talk shows how a hopeless narrative can be reversed through story to inspire behavioural change, embed purpose and create community collaboration

Session Outcomes:

Through stories, this talk will demonstrate the science behind the impact of stories on our brains, showing how they work for better communication to make sense of complexity, and to engage and connect.

It will demonstrate how a collective narrative can create a willingness to collaborate for the benefit of humanity.