Dr. Mark Elliott and Hailey Cooperrider

CEO/Founder – Collabforge

Dr. Mark Elliott: Dr. Mark Elliott is a collaboration expert who brings a wealth of leadership, expertise, and experience in designing and facilitating collaborative processes. He brings the power of collaboration and innovation to a range of organizational challenges and opportunities including public sector transformation. Dr. Elliott and the team at Collabforge have successfully designed and managed hundreds of high profile and complex collaboration projects for clients including many Australian and international federal, state and local government departments.

Hailey Cooperrider: Since joining Collabforge in 2009, Hailey has been an integral part of over 300 projects, with diverse responsibilities ranging from developing strategic frameworks to facilitating collaborative workshops, to developing online collaboration platforms. Hailey gets the biggest kick when a collaborative process that she helped initiate starts moving under its own momentum, with participants working together more effectively and delivering unprecedented results.

The Art & Science of Great Collaboration

Collaboration is arguably the most important capability of our age. It is an essential capability for delivering the critical transformative outcomes needed for climate change, politics, and equality, to name a few. Collaboration is referenced in virtually every important policy, strategy, and speech. Why then is there no “general theory of collaboration”? Why are there no popular methods for reliably getting it done (like there are for project management)? Dr. Mark Elliott will share Collabforge’s own method for collaboration, along with engaging stories from the front lines, having supported hundreds of public sector collaborations over the last decade.

WORKSHOP: Facilitated by collaboration experts Dr. Mark Elliott and Hailey Cooperrider from Collabforge, this workshop will provide a hands experience with key techniques from Collabforge’s collaboration methodology. Be prepared to push your boundaries and have fun as we dive into collaboration – a challenging, necessary and often difficult process. We will do more than just talk: as we collaborate, you will gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses while learning techniques for how to build your capability.