George Gekas

CEO & Co-Founder, badalya

EEC 2018 TALK: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

There is not a lot of information widely known about the various social and environmental certification schemes beyond the taglines and sound-bites. Businesses often do not have the time to make a thorough assessment of the different options available to weigh up the costs and benefits.

This forum is for businesses who want to gain a better understanding of the standards for the dominant certifications, what’s involved in compliance and what are the cost implications, to help businesses determine if there is a solid business case for utilizing a certification system in their business. Certifications being consider are organic schemes, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, WFTO and other.

Session Outcomes:
Business practitioners will leave understanding more about social certification systems; will be able to differentiate between them and be better equipped to understand which one would suit their business better