Colin Coster

Founder, Purpose Built Life

Colin Coster founded his business ‘Purpose Built Life’ to help leaders of all walks of life embrace their own purpose to realise positive impact for communities and our planet.

Colin has over 40 years of experience in diverse major commercial and Not-for-Profit organisations. Never accepting the standard business model of management, always chasing the thought provokers, as a senior executive and CEO he has led companies through significant change and growth continually challenging the paradigms of business. Colin has great pride in successfully creating multi-million dollar value based partnerships between some of Australia’s iconic organisations.

With a firm belief leaders can create a positive impact on the future, he has gone on to guide individuals and organisations to embrace values based purpose.

Colin has facilitated conferences, moderated panels of thought leaders and facilitated strategic planning for organisations and individuals.
Colin speaks at conferences and leadership forum on the power of purpose for the individual, the organisation and our planet.

PANEL TOPIC: Starting and Growing a Conscious Business

A panel discussion featuring Australian business leaders and case studies who are on the Conscious Business journey.