Graeme Bowman

Speaker, Comedian, MC, Writer

Over 30 years experience in corporate communications and comedy, across all industries. His work as a speaker and Master of Ceremonies often sees him lampooning the absurdities of society, corporate life and government bureaucracies.

He has also spent years researching the root causes of complex global problems, and their relationship to patriarchy.

Past clients range across corporate, association, government and community sectors, including names like: IBM, Canon, Pfizer, KPMG, Coca Cola, Shell, CSIRO, Monash University, Australian Synchrotron, Red Cross, Wesley Mission, Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Disability Services, Clean Energy Council, Waste Management Association of Australia, United Nations Association of Australia.



EEC 2018 TALK: Pozzy to Cozzy: Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy

This highly entertaining and inspirational keynote exposes the archaic worldview of patriarchy as the systemic root cause of the toxic nature of traditional business models.

Fortunately, ethical enterprises are future-proofing their businesses – and achieving sustainable growth – by helping to move society away from this dysfunctional ‘human operating system’, and towards a non-patriarchal way of living and working. We are moving from a Pozzy to a Cozzy.

Mixing humour, poetry and cutting-edge content with a theatrical presentation style, this session provides a unique take on an awkward yet critical topic, and delivers an easy-to-understand message full of Ah-hah! moments.

Session Outcomes:

Used as a conference opener in particular, this keynote sets the tone for the overall meeting and frames key themes within a broad context – that of society’s gradual transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’.

Following the presentation, you will find among delegates an increased willingness and capacity to initiate deep ‘Courageous Conversations’ around notions such as privilege, patriarchy, gender inequality, diversity, ethics and ‘moral consciousness in business’.