Fuzz & Carolyn Kitto

Co-founders of STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia

Carolyn Kitto and Fuzz Kitto are co-directors of STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia which is a coalition of civil society, trade unions and businesses working together to prevent, disrupt and abolish human trafficking. They have been instrumental in convening conversations which have been shaping Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. They also consultants with business, NGO’s, communities and churches on strategic planning, resource development, youth work and social impact programs.




EEC 2018 TALK: An Australian Modern Slavery Act.

How will it impact us? What do we have to do? What is it going to do? We will inform about how this has come about and why and how we can make this into a movement that can change our culture.

Session Outcomes:
An understanding of the Modern Slavery Act and what we can do with it and about it.