Sabina Wills


Sabina Wills writes the Aim High Aim Zero cartoon which chronicles the life of Amy, who is striving to get her charity financials to zero profit. With both a civil engineering and fine arts degree Sabina didn’t know what she was getting into when she became CEO of a charity. She uses cartooning as a way of telling stories and having fun. She believes that everyone is creative and wants to reignite the creative spark that so many people have lost in their lives.



EEC 2018 WORKSHOP: Creative cartoons to visualise ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to put together what you want to say. The words aren’t the right ones and the sentences don’t make sense. But everyone can draw and doodle and dream.

YES, EVERYONE CAN DRAW. The workshop will take place in a supportive and encouraging environment and include presentation of sample cartoons, techniques, tips and tricks to get started. The session focus on playing with creativity, be fun and interactive and everyone will take home their idea(s) presented in a new way.