Clifford Moss

Co-Founder of Good Business Matters and Goodsmiths.

Clifford is passionate about investing time and energy into developing and supporting brands with purpose because these are the ones that consumers will care about in the long-term and the ones that actually matter. An experienced public speaker and self-confessed social entrepreneur Clifford took his time to find his calling. Over the last 20 years he has worked in the commercial property, film and creative marketing industries and has finally come to rest in the world of corporate social responsibility.

In 1997 he established his first creative agency,, that he left 9 years later with 15 staff, a turnover of $6m and corporate clients in New Zealand and Australia. His most recent ventures are Good Business Matters and Goodsmiths. Good Business Matters is a for-purpose business that develops social responsibility strategies and proprietary projects that are brought to life through cause-related marketing and brand communications.

By building brands of enduring value, brands that matter, Clifford and his team are able to create positive social impact while ensuring that their clients are recognised for the good they’re doing.

Goodsmiths is the place to find ethical, responsible and sustainable goods. While it always feels good to buy from businesses that generate a community benefit, they can be hard to find. Goodsmiths has put them best of them in one handy consumer-facing platform. Goodsmiths provides ethical businesses with the opportunity to create brand awareness, increase traffic and generate sales and social impact. Goodsmiths is the place to discover, choose and buy products and services that generate a community benefit, support marginalised groups and make a lasting difference. Whether you are searching, buying or selling, we all have the capacity to be a Goodsmith.


Stronger together, exploring collaborations: Are two ice cream vans better than one?

Whether you’re a start-up or more established social impact business, or just considering starting a new enterprise, chances are you have common goals; how do I grow more sales? How do I build more brand awareness? How do I do more with less? Limited time and competing resources make it difficult for those of us working in the social impact space to juggle the everyday challenges of running a business and coming up with the strategy and tools to implement a marketing and communications plan. One of the most overlooked opportunities to reach customers and convert new audiences is exploring the power of collaborations.

Presented by Goodsmiths, the ‘Stronger Together’ session will kick off with a 30 second pitch from those in the room. Why? Because what better way to know what opportunities are within arm’s reach, than to tell each other who we are, what we’re doing and find the common ground and real opportunities to collaborate.

Following this you will hear form a panel of inspiring Founders of social impact businesses who will share examples of successful partnerships and collaborations that have strengthened their marketing and communications and helped them take their business to the next level.

Facilitated by Goodsmiths Founder, Clifford Moss, you will leave this session with clear tips and real insights on how to strengthen your business by focusing on building alliances with like-minded and often similar businesses. And there’s a good chance you’ll also leave with some new contacts ready to start building those collaborations.