Sandy McDonald


Founder of and charity, CreateCare Global, Sandy McDonald is an author, a TEDx speaker, and a storytelling trainer, working with business to bring clarity of communication through story.

After 22 years running a marketing communications company, she used purposeful storytelling to start a worldwide community that helps thousands of orphaned children in Africa today.

Her TEDx talk, Tell Your Story. Save a Life received a standing ovation, and her book, Get it right online details the framework that achieved this.

Sandy is known for helping people convert complex information into memorable stories that build trust and a willingness to cooperate.

EEC Workshop: The impact of great storytelling on effective communication and purpose led culture.

Where attention is our rarest commodity, we’re reminded that successful communication must have these five attributes: clarity, intention, credibility, stickiness, and transparency.

Hello great storytelling.

But it isn’t enough to just tell stories. Stories must be based on context, the primary principle of which is purpose.
Explaining the remarkable science behind why stories impact on our brain, to build trust, Sandy demonstrates why the correlation between storytelling and an organization’s purpose boosts recall and a willingness to act.
She shows how such stories work to embed an organisation’s culture, and cement people’s belief in why they do what they do.

Session outcomes:
Why and how to tell contextualised stories that pack a powerful message that demonstrate:
• your unique value

That builds:
• a repertoire of insights
• your brand positioning
• a catalogue of expert commentary

While cementing purpose and embedding culture.