Scott Fry

Founder and MD, Loving Earth

It was while living in India studying yoga and working with Adivasi rice farmers on the outskirts of Mumbai that the idea of Loving Earth was born. The farmers were selling their topsoil and cutting down their trees to make bricks. While he was sitting on a bus reading David Suzuki’s book “Naked Ape to Super Species”, he had an epiphany. He realised he needed to create a way to help these farmers protect their way of living with the land. Six years later, after living in Mexico and working with several large indigenous cooperatives, he moved back to Australia and saw that by creating a high quality organic food brand that lived its shared values with these communities, it could make a difference. Loving Earth was born.



EEC 2018 TALK: Loving Earth’s journey

Sharing Loving Earths journey and my experience of founding and growing Loving Earth into a global brand from a start-up in the spare room! Discussing the mechanisms and dynamics of boot-strapping/self-financing the journey. Sharing some of my own experiences around ‘failure’ and testing ideas and concepts. Finally, I’ll be sharing my insights into the rapidly evolving space of Conscious Capitalism, particularly in the natural products industry in North America.

Session Outcome:
Having a sense of what 12 years on the journey of growing a start-up into an established brand has been like. For people to come away with an idea of the emerging movements within Conscious Capitalism.