Lucia Bubinakova

Sustainability Projects Project Coordinator

Originally from Slovakia, Lucia is a keen traveller who loves exploring new countries, getting lost in unknown streets, and wandering off the beaten path.

She’s an independent music lover and a creative soul, always trying to find ways to reduce waste by thinking about how might we repurpose stuff we no longer need into something useful again.

Encouraging people to think about sustainability and ethical consumption has been her goal for a long time, however after coming to Australia and watching the War on Waste trilogy she’s become even more determined to actually do something about it. Consequently, she joined Moral Fairground on their journey to educate people about how to live more sustainable lives.

She’s particularly passionate about sustainability in fashion and believes that a big change in consumer mindset and behaviour is soon to come thanks to the fusion of technology and fashion that provides consumers with more transparent information about what and from whom they buy.

Moreover, through her side project Impatiently Patient she advocates bespoke fashion as a way of creating stronger bond between the owner and their garment, leading to longer emotional durability and satisfaction, and thus less waste and eventually less consumption.