Dimity Podger


Dr Dimity Podger, Founder & Director, Conscious Business Learning Lab and Barasa Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Dimity works with small to medium sized enterprises to identify and bring to life their higher purpose and noble values, resulting in higher levels of engagement, collaborative cultures, and aligned business systems, strategy, practices, and operations. In 2011 she launched her consulting business, Barasa Consulting Group, and in February 2017, a public offering, the Conscious Business Learning Lab, the purpose of which is to accompany purpose-driven businesses to gain momentum so they succeed in delivering for the greater good.

Her work for the past 15 years has involved delivering values-based leadership and culture initiatives, sustainability programs, and learning experiences for not for profits, change makers, social enterprises, small and large businesses, health institutions, financial institutions, government agencies, and educational institutions. Dimity has deigned and delivered values-in-action leadership programs, culture assessments, purpose and values discovery workshops, values-strategies and implementation road maps, purpose and values measurement frameworks, and values coaching. Ultimately she works with clients to deliver human-centred workplaces that are great for the world.

www.barasaconsult.com | @dimitypodger (on twitter)

Speaker at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2017