Susanna Bevilacqua


Susanna Bevilacqua’s career spans over twenty years in the banking industry, most recently working with Bendigo Bank as the Community and Business Development Manager. Her role entails working with local communities in the metropolitan area to empower them to create sustainable income streams to support local initiatives via the Bendigo Bank Connected Communities model.

In 2009 after visiting some of the poorest countries and communities in South East Asia and witnessing first hand the working conditions and environmental impact of mass consumerism, Susanna established Moral Fairground with the aim to build awareness and educate about ethically, socially responsible and environmentally aware businesses through a series of events.

Susanna’s aim was to create opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with fair trade and ethical businesses and therefore launched Fair@Square in 2009, now the largest fair trade and ethical festival in Australia. The event which now attracts over 78,000 visitors allows consumers to learn about the impact of their purchases and how every individual can contribute towards a sustainable and more transparent society.

Moral Fairground is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and also hosts the Victorian Fair Trade Festival during the Fair Trade Fortnight every year with a number of activities spanning over the two weeks.

In 2013 Moral Fairground launched the national Ethical Enterprise Award in partnership with Australian Ethical. The award was born out of a desire to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprises. The Award recognised enterprises that have a positive social and economic impact through innovative ethical business practices.

Moral Fairground is now endeavouring to build a community of like minded ethical businesses via it’s membership base, that are willing to support each other in order to grow the ethical sector.