Steve Waldegrave

Ethics Blogger

Steve has spent around 18 years advising Ministers and government departments in Britain, Australia and New Zealand on how to make good decisions. His work has spanned topics such as how government can be more innovative, manage its pharmaceuticals budget better, give kids better educational experiences, protect children from abuse and neglect, improve fire services operation, provide support for people with disabilities and even prepare for natural disasters (and recover afterwards).

In his spare time, Steve has also volunteered for Amnesty International, Moral Fairground, the Canberra community gardens, the Victorian State Emergency Services and in an after school program for under-privileged children in New Zealand.

Steve has for a long time been intrigued by what ethics means – for example, his Masters thesis back in 2001 explored how government could most fairly allocate housing assistance. After so long doing the same kind of advice work, Steve is embarking on a year of trying something a bit different. He just doesn’t know what that is yet!

But as part of finding out, he is keen to take the opportunity to learn more about ethics, particularly in relation to food, and to share his thinking and learning along the way.