Ali Capp

The People’s Fabric

Founder and Managing Director – The People’s Fabric

In Australia, she has spent time working with the International Women’s Development Agency as well as with refugee communities during her time with the Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre and in local Government, while her international work ranges from working with the United Nations Development Programme in Timor-Leste to a local community-based and not-for-profit sexual and reproductive health clinic for women in Indonesia.

During this time, Ali has continually been motivated by people around her working towards a fairer and more just society and it was an accumulation of these inspiring encounters, in addition to falling absolutely in love with the traditional textiles in the region that prompted her to start The People’s Fabric.

Through the networks developed in her time abroad, Ali was able to spend time with some indigenous weaving communities in West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia, and has since developed a three-way partnership with a local women’s weaving cooperative and a not-for-profit organisation called Planet Indonesia, who are delivering incredibly innovative and grassroots community programs in Indonesia.

The People’s Fabric is about valuing the cultures and traditional artwork and sharing the stories of indigenous communities in the region whilst providing pathways to financial independence for local women and their communities.