Francisca Amar


Francisca is an environmental and development professional that has worked in sustainability related projects for more than 10 years. Having worked for universities, governments, NGO´s and the private sector, she has a deep understanding of the role of different stakeholders to achieve a more sustainable future.

Before coming to Australia, Francisca worked with the Chilean Government on implementing soft policies to foster sustainability in the tourism industry. She participated in the public-private partnership that led to the establishment of sustainable tourism criteria and a voluntary certification scheme for sustainable tourism services.

Having recently completed a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne, with special emphasis on development and international relations, she firmly believes that inequality reduction needs to be at the core of policies that are driving ethical enterprises.

She is a supporter of contemporary ideas of ‘human development’, ‘development as freedom’ and ‘expressive change’, which are evident in global policies and she believes they need to be increasingly adopted by ethical organisations promoting social change.