Wells Trenfield


Director, Jasper Coffee
In life Before Jasper Coffee, Wells was a lithographic artist and lecturer in painting and drawing.
In a change of creative direction, he and his partner started Jasper Coffee in 1989. He has since opened 5 Iconic Melbourne coffee stores and 3 Toy Stores.

In 2003 he put Fairtrade on the map by becoming Australia’s first Fairtrade Licensed Roaster and Organic Certified Roaster.

In 2007, he worked in partnership with World Vision to establish World Visions first commercial relationship. This was a hallmark partnership with Ethiopian coffee producers in Yirgacheffe, which has recently concluded with outstanding success, and where Jasper Coffee contributed over $92,000 helping to bring better living and production standards to the community.

After lots of stumbling and learning, he steered his company in 2009, to become Australia’s First 100% Carbon Neutral Coffee Company.

Wells has directed his company with many personal producer relationships where he regards his company as a conduit between the growers and the consumer, and demonstrated that these endeavours do pay.