Angela Perry


Member of the Prime Minister Business and Community Partnership Committee.
I am a highly dynamic, passionate and committed community leader with great relationship and business building skills.  I work with organisations that create stories that move and inspire people. I have a sound background in lifting start up businesses and projects to success. I have presented all over the world on employee ownership issues and have worked with Governments globally in this area.  I believe in adding value and have strong integrity about what I produce and am part of. I am also a qualified English Barrister and Australian qualified solicitor. I am also the Chair of Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand, CreateCare Global and i sit on the Boards of Scrunch (start-up), Nightingale Foundation (creating sustainable housing), Three cats in limbo Productions (Film Production) and Future Foundations (a charity that works with disadvantaged children). I was formerly a member of the Board for Share Gift Australia and Down Syndrome Victoria. I was the Global Head, EPS Business Development and the Executive Client Partnership Program of Link Market Services Limited from 2009 until 2014 and have 20 years of management and business development experience.

My experience was gained in the Australian, Europe, UK and US markets. I am passionate about employee ownership and helping community organisations create legal models that are simple and match their long term goals. I am also a member of the Prime Minister’s Community and Business Partnership Committee.