Why choose Fair Trade?


We, the Year 9, Be More team at St Monica’s College, Epping believe that fair trade is important as with it the world becomes a better place in which justice and sustainability become the centre in creating a decent and dignified working area for farmers and labourers.

Fair trade is important in the developing world for farmers and workers as it provides them with fair terms, decent working conditions as well as having better prices and creating a local sustainability.

Fair trade means fair pay and conditions for farmers and producers. So products that are bought by consumers, that come from a fair trade workplace, are made in safe and healthy working conditions, where farmers and producers receive a fair pay and have a say in how their workplace is run.

Fair trade means what you buy matters and by choosing fair trade products you are not only accessing high quality products but also making a difference in the lives of the people who help grow and create the things you eat and use.

By buying fair trade products and items, you are not only supporting the Fair Trade community but you are able to recognise and commend that you are buying good quality products which come from a place that centralise equality and justness.

As part of our commitment as the Year 9 Be More Group to raising awareness about all the benefits of purchasing fair trade, our Year 9 group have created a video that highlights all the ethical purchases you can make. We presented it to all of the Year 9s and have been taking the video and all the products highlighted in it around to schools that are interested. So far we have visited two primary school’s and two secondary schools.

We presented and showed them the reasons why it’s better to use fair trade products and that a good way to ensure ethical purchasing is to choose Fair trade certified products.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4psqi-dn2I&feature=youtu.be
Website: http://www.stmonicas-epping.com/community/Pages/fairtrade.aspx

Interested in having us come to you?
Email: f.elbarbar@stmonicas-epping.com

Year 9, Be More team at St Monica’s College Year 9, Be More team at St Monica’s College

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