The amazing bunch of volunteers that made it all happen!

Moral Fairground volunteer opportunity

Moral Fairground has been hosting fair trade and ethical festivals since 2009, we are passionate about creating opportunities for people and businesses alike to learn about sustainable and socially responsible ways of doing things. Most of our events are driven by volunteers with a passion and a vision for creating a world that is just for all. Our volunteers have a big impact and contribution in delivering events or creating new ones. Moral Fairground is the organiser of the Victorian Fair Trade Festival in May and the biggest annual fair trade and ethical Festival, Fair@Square, in December.

Moral Fairground is looking for an enthusiastic crew of volunteers

Are you passionate about fair and ethical trade, social justice and sustainability? If you are one of these enthusiastic and passionate people, this is the place for you. This will be a learning platform, which no doubt will be exciting, and full of cultural richness. This opportunity will endeavour to connect you to the Moral Fairground team, prominent leaders and activists in society and people from all walks of life that all wish to see a better and just world. You will be making a huge difference not only to yourself but to the global landscape. You’ll meet new people and challenges head-on through contributing to our events. Help us host events including the Victorian Fair Trade Festival, Fair@Square Festival, the Ethical Enterprise Award and other programs; your contribution to these events would be invaluable. If you want the experience of a lifetime, please sign up and become a Moral Fairground Volunteer!

Be part of the Festivals and Events Team!

Opportunities are now open for Volunteers to assist with events and programs. Events are hosted throughout the year with major events during the Fair Trade Fortnight, regular networking events, our annual event Fair@Square, the Ethical Enterprise Award and Ethical Enterprise Conference.


For enquiries please send an e-mail to:
Michael Pham
Volunteer Coordinator

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete either the online form or the PDF form.

Having trouble downloading the PDF Registration Form? Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Get it here!

If you download the application form, fill in your details, sign and send back to us through to the address below or email michael@moralfairground.com.au

Moral Fairground Pty Ltd
No. 9/1 Heller Street,
Victoria Australia 3056.

General Event Support Volunteers Registration

Online Volunteer Registration Form

Programs and Activities Coordinators Registration

Online Coordinator Registration

Roles Available

Programs and Activities Coordinators
for the following roles:
  • Children’s activities coordinator
  • Fashion program coordinator
  • Festival exhibitor coordinator
  • Ethical Enterprise Conference and Award coordinator
  • PR and marketing coordinator
  • Sponsorship and partnership coordinator
  • ISO accreditation coordinator
The programs and activities are designed to engage the audience by providing an educational, interactive and fun experience for people who attend. Each event will run specific designed activities overlooked by the specific Activity and Program Coordinators. As a coordinator, you will have the opportunity to design your own program and activities, be part of the events leadership team, have input on the programs of the events, and showcase you talent and experience. Coordinators play an important role, and we are looking for individuals who have passion and drive and who are able to commit for a 12-month period. Coordinator meetings are held monthly with on-going communication in between meetings. Coordinators should be able to work independently but also as part of a team.

Student Program Coordinator

The student program coordinator will be working directly under the direction of Moral Fairground Management Team and will be responsible in designing an educations student program with focus on social impact and supply chains. The coordinator will be required to research, bring together a team for the program, source relevant educational bodies to collaborate with this initiative.

Ethical Enterprise Conference and Award Coordinator

The Ethical Enterprise Conference and Award Coordinator will be working directly under the direction of Moral Fairground Management Team and will be responsible for the various aspects relating to designing a successful conference, this will include sourcing speakers and presenters for the conference, managing communication relating to the conference, managing conference ticketing and guest list. The coordinator will also be responsible for managing the Ethical Enterprise Award guest and ticketing and in general ensuring the overall success of the event.

Volunteers: Photographers/Videographers

Several photographers and videographers with good photography and video skills are needed throughout the various Moral Fairground events. Please be in touch with us if you wish to gain more exposure and experience in documenting and showcasing events through your lenses and are interested in providing photo/video coverage for Moral Fairground events. Photographers and videographers will be required to have own equipment. Furthermore, we may need some volunteers to assist the photographers and videographers. 

Volunteers: General Event Support

If you want to be part of the Moral Fairground programs and events team but are only able to commit during the days of the events or would like to gain experience by helping out the coordinators with their specific roles, you should consider the Event Support Volunteer Role. This is a great way of meeting like minded people, gaining new skills and having lots of fun at the same time. Roles exist as:

– Programs and Activities Support Volunteers

With this role, you will be allocated to work alongside one our coordinators to help them with their relevant programs leading up to the various programs and events as well as helping the coordinators run the activities on the day of each respective event.

– Event Support Volunteers

This is a general support role for each respective events, you will be required to assist where necessary at the various events, including setting up and packing down, assisting attendees at information booths, giving out information to visitors, ensuring our surveys are collected, helping with raffles, and other jobs as required. You will also need to communicate with exhibitors that are likely to participate in activities. You will also be required to understand emergency procedures and safety hazards. You will also need to have organisational skills, good communication skills, ability to act quickly, a good eye for safety, and the ability to act calmly and quickly during any emergencies.