The Story Behind the Speaker #5: Sabina Wills


Sabina Wills on sewage plants, creative cartoons and keeping Victoria beautiful.

Sabina Wills – not only is she the CEO of Keep Victoria Beautiful (one of Australia’s oldest environmental groups with a rich history in community reward and recognition), she is also a creative cartoonist and founder of the Aim High Aim Zero cartoon series.

With both a civil engineering and fine arts degree, Sabina started her working life at a sewerage treatment plant and is now a CEO.

Throughout her journey she has used cartooning as a way of telling stories and having fun; Sabina believes that everyone is creative and wants to reignite the creative spark that so many people have lost in their lives!

Meet Sabina below…

Tell us about your role, experience, and journey to where you are. Why are you passionate about the industry?

What’s not to love about having a job where your job title is to Keep Victoria Beautiful.

The challenge is running a not for profit charity in 2018 with the challenge of investigating different funding models and working with partners to deliver projects.

Money helps do thing but having a bigger vision brings others along for the ride.

It’s the clarification of that bigger vision for Victoria that keeps me going.

Tell us something about you that people may not already know:

Well I started my working life at a sewage treatment plant.

My friend said that people went to university for 4 years so they didn’t have to work at sewage treatment plants.

I said that the sewage plant was fascinating. (I am arranging a tour as soon as I can to see what it’s like now).

In my working career I have been fascinated by wastewater, tannery waste, chemical waste. Then I graduated to landfills, recycling plants, household waste, medical waste. Now I’m fascinated by nature.

It’s all about learning.

My drawing comes from my personal enjoyment of ‘What shall I draw now?’ The creative is so important to balance work.

There is a space to splice the two loves of the technical and the artistic.

What can we expect to learn from your session at the Ethical Enterprise Conference this year?

Creative cartoons to visualise ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to put together what you want to say. The words aren’t the right ones and the sentences don’t make sense. But everyone can draw and doodle and dream. YES, EVERYONE CAN DRAW. The workshop will take place in a supportive and encouraging environment and include presentation of sample cartoons, techniques, tips and tricks to get started. The session focus on playing with creativity, be fun and interactive and everyone will take home their idea(s) presented in a new way.

Keen to get your creative juices flowing? Ready to release your inner artiste?

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Keep an eye out over the following weeks as we bring you more of the stories behind the speakers and we look forward to seeing you at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018!

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