The story behind the speaker #3: Megan Davis


Megan Davis – the journey from couch surfer to communications extraordinaire!

Moral Fairground’s Ethical Enterprise Conference is the perfect time for enterprises, big and small, to come together and share their story.

But what about those who are yet to find their voice? Cue the amazing Megan Davis.

As mentioned last week, we are going to be bringing you weekly guest blogs in the lead up to the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018, highlighting the stories behind the speakers. For those looking to find their voice or articulate their story, keep reading as this is for you.

Megan Davis, the Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb, has been crafting narratives in Melbourne and around the world since 2012. Spendlove and Lamb specialise in storytelling, narrative strategy, content production and management. Spendlove and Lamb have shepherded the craft of narrative development for a multitude of industries since 2015. Carving a niche as a market leader in this area has impacted the growth and stability for the future of narrative as modern marketing cornerstone.

Meet Megan below…

Tell us about your role, experience, journey to where you are. Why are you passionate about the industry?

I am the lead storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb. What that does that mean? I am a narrative strategist. I create strategic communications for businesses, organisations and projects. I collect stories from real people within the business and then create a narrative that connects all of the stories together to meet strategic outcomes. I first started telling stories at the age of 3 and never stopped. I have been an actor, a singer, a writer, a photographer, studied design and social science and now here I am. I am a person who empowers people to tell their own stories. This is what gets me up in the morning. Finding and amplifying real stories from real people is what makes my brain buzz with excitement. When you take the stories of individuals and bind them together into a larger piece of communication that becomes a narrative, it helps people understand how their own story and voice is part of something larger. It creates context and authenticity for marketing and communication strategies.

Tell us something about you that people may not already know:

Many people would not know that prior to starting my business I was homeless or houseless for 9 months. I decided to travel around the world visiting family and friends for 3 months. Then I landed back in Australia and house sat and couch surfed for 6 more months. My wish was to become an artist. I started a business instead. The more I think about it, the more I do see myself as an artist. I think all great artists are also great strategists. Think of your favourite book or movie. The writers or creative team combined their efforts to make you think and feel exactly what they wanted you to do so. This is a mammoth piece of strategic communication. I bring this level of execution to my storytelling projects.

What can we expect to learn about from your workshop at the Ethical Enterprise Conference this year?

Storytelling: Discover Your Cause’s Narrative. Learn how to future-proof your marketing and communication strategy! Through a simple 3-part process we will learn how to deploy all of the story gold sitting within your business.

Do you have an awesome story that you’re bursting to share but not quite sure how to go about it? Or are you keen to add oomph with content that speaks volumes?

Be sure to book your tickets to the Ethical Enterprise Conference as soon as possible, by visiting the Moral Fairground webpage here.

Keep an eye out over the following weeks as we bring you more of the stories behind the speakers and we look forward to seeing you at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018!

Until next time,

Skye Vadas
Town Hall People

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