The Story Behind the Speaker #1:
Dr Kaushik Sridhar – National Sustainability Manager


As the Ethical Enterprise Conference draws closer, the team at Moral Fairground are so excited to start sharing with you some of the inspiring speakers who will be gracing the stages in just about two months’ time.

A quick Google search will tell you plenty about our speakers, but in the lead up to the Conference, we wanted to dig a little deeper and share with you a few things you may not already know about these incredibly inspiring people.

Read on for our first guest blog for 2018’s Conference below, bought to you by Dr Kaushik Sridhar…

Dr. Kaushik Sridhar is the National Sustainability Manager at Regis Healthcare, Advisory Board Member at Lord Mayor Charitable Foundation, Business Coach at Latrobe University’s Accelerator Program and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and RMIT.  His passion for purpose was sparked at a very young age.

Be it becoming a national tennis champion by the age of 12, consulting for one of the Big Four or managing multi-million dollar projects in areas including sustainability assurance, sustainability strategy and reporting or sustainability research, Dr Kaushik will leave you inspired and invigorated to find, or reconnect with, your purpose. And to follow it with passion…

Tell us about your role, experience, and journey to where you are. Why are you passionate about the industry:

I am responsible for developing and implementing Regis’ first-ever sustainability strategy. My ultimate goal is to integrate sustainability into the core of the business in ways that transform Regis. My journey to date has been quite nomadic; born in India, moved to Nigeria at the age of 2, picked up a tennis racket at 6, become number one in Africa (for tennis) by 12, moved to Texas to train with John Newcombe, travelled the world playing tennis and achieving a world ranking, moved to Albury to work as a tennis coach, came to Sydney to pursue a MBA at which time I got offered an internship opportunity as an environmental analyst for Unisys. This is where my sustainability journey started (back in 2008). I am passionate about this subject matter as it’s a channel through which I can have a holistic impact on the environment, community and business in which I operate.

Tell us something about you that people may not already know:

I have mentioned a few personal things above. I love travelling and have visited 4 out of the 7 wonders of the world in the past year and will tackle 1 more this Christmas! My first job ever was a tennis coach working with 3 year olds to 83 year olds. This taught me the art of stakeholder engagement, influencing and getting things done!

Can you give us a bit of insight as to what your talk at the Ethical Enterprise Conference will be about?

How does one go about finding and establishing purpose in life and work? I will share my journey on my pursuit of purpose that has led me across continents to where I am today. Through personal stories that will inspire and challenge delegates to think about how they can be changemakers personally and professionally, I will also share my unique approach to outworking purpose, which I describes as “a pragmatic passion”. Prior to joining Regis Healthcare, I was the National Sustainability Manager at KPMG, and haves also worked at EY, Macquarie University and Unisys Australia, managing projects in areas including sustainability assurance, sustainability strategy and research.

Intrigued? We thought so!

To hear more from Dr Kaushik Sridhar on finding your purpose, be sure to book your tickets to the Ethical Enterprise Conference as soon as possible, by visiting the Moral Fairground web page here.

Keep an eye out over the following weeks as we bring you more of the stories behind the speakers and we look forward to seeing you at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018!

Until next time,

Skye Vadas
Town Hall People

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