The People’s Fabric

We ethically source traditionally woven ikat textiles

The People’s Fabric

Who we are

In partnership with a not-for-profit organisation (Planet Indonesia) and a women’s weaving cooperative, The People’s Fabric ethically source traditionally woven ikat textiles through initiatives that economically empower indigenous artisan women in Borneo, Indonesia, whilst culturally preserving traditional practices.

What we stand for

We embrace the ethos of sustainability whilst celebrating traditional art of women weavers. We support the initiatives of our partner organisations that recognise the intersection of economics, people, culture and our environment.

Why is this important?

The People’s Fabric support programs that promote cultural identity and sustainable resource management by building communal businesses that result in economically resilient communities. Through establishing small working business groups, traditionally hand dyed and hand woven ikat textiles are produced and funds are used to further sustain the long-term goals of the Cooperative members, which may include building their businesses and employment opportunities, planning their children’s education and preparing for their family’s healthcare.

We’re excited to partner with Leaders of Change because…

Through education, we learn. Through learning, we grow. Through growing, we change. And through change, we create impact. We can’t wait to share our learnings whilst learning from the participants so we can collectively increase our positive impact on the world.