The Collaborator Workshop – Melanie Raymond, Chair of Youth Projects


Melanie introduces us to the prevalent social issue of youth unemployment and shares some specific numbers on Whittlesea.

Some key takeaways include:
– Donating bean and socks goes a long way but helping to create opportunities for young people impacts many lives for life!
– In collaboration, you don’t need to be an expert in everything! Youth Projects is a prime example of this – businesses and social enterprises can collaborate with Youth Projects and create opportunities for young people. Youth Projects provides the expertise in Youth, subsidies, education and getting work ready whilst the business provides the opportunity!
– In 2016 Whittlesea census reported 27,014 young people (15 – 25) with 4,160 of them being unemployed. With 20,841 children entering into teen years in 2031 the numbers of youth unemployment are set to rise to upward of 6,322.
– Awareness of how social enterprises and businesses can be a part of breaking the cycle of youth unemployment is key! Communicating and collaborating shows us how we can get in the drivers seat in the journey to creating solutions for this particular social issue.

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