Sustainable seafood and lifestyle tips with Peter Hilcke


The seafood consumption and production system has undeniably shot up due to consumer demand. Thus, this forces the exploitation of seafood causing a threat to the marine ecosystem. As consumers, we need to make informed choices in regards to where our seafood is from. Through this, we can still maintain the quality of seafood as our source of protein that could continue help feeding our growing population.

From what I thought would just be a Q&A session turned out to a meaning full conversation with sustainable seafood chef, radio host and TV personality, Peter Hilcke.  With only a few questions in mind on how to shop seafood sustainably, we then chatted on how important it is to support local farmers and a brief journey on his sustainable lifestyle.

What are your tips on shopping seafood sustainably? 

Keep it local and how you determine that, is to have a chat with your local producers or fishmongers. Don’t be shy. They know where the seafood you buy comes from! Also, buy local seafood where you can. 

Where do you recommend shopping for them at?

The main markets – Prahran, South Melbourne and Queen Victoria Market. Wherever you are though, I encourage you to go to your nearby farmers market. You can check them out at Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association website.

So what about your sustainable lifestyle? 

For the last 9 weeks I have dropped 2 shirt sizes, exercised 6 days a week and practised a high protein and zero processed food diet. I’d say, cut back on processed foods. We need to purchase loose products instead of packaged ones. We also need to support local farmers, not only we are providing for the local farmers community, we are providing our health with fresh and organic produce.

What is your mantra on living sustainably?

Have a clear mind. What works for me is everyday I wake up, I create the day I want. I have a list of gratitude that I create for 30 minutes every morning as soon as I wake up. So I can have a focused mind for the day!

Peter Hilcke will be sharing his insights on his life journey, sustainable seafood, and making delicious sustainable barramundi this weekend at the Fair@Square Ethical Lifestyle Festival 2019!

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