Sustainable Lifestyle Tent

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5th May • 11am – 9pm

If you love being creative and would like to pick up some new ethical living skills, then the Sustainable Lifestyle Tent is perfect for you.

There will be plenty to keep the creative juices flowing, including the chance to make alternative yarns and jewellery from unwanted materials. Also, we’ll share a bunch of handy tips how to reduce waste in your everyday life, how to prepare toiletry products from natural ingredients, as well as how to make simple repairs to your favourite garments. If you are rather a chatty one, join us for a discussion about plastic pollution crisis and the ways to stop it, or discover the origin of your clothes through a fun and interactive map.

Workshops & Demonstrations

Unpredictable earrings

11am – 12pm | ‘Unpredictable Earrings’

Vivian Qiu, Moral Fairground Volunteer
None of the earrings in one pair is the same in terms of its appearance, hand or color. Even the same materials will perform differently. Recycled materials such as wires, which are collected from renovation site and then turned into a form of organic art after being twisted, peeled, cut and folded. You will learn how to make earrings with electrical wires which have the potential to be transformed and given a brand new life. We promise, you won’t get electric shock wearing these special earrings. Join fashion student Vivian Qiu to make you own unique and unpredictable pair of earrings.

12pm – 1pm | ‘Hope Amidst the Plastic Pollution Crisis: A Good Time to Be Alive’

An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans each year. The plastic pollution crisis is real but so is hope. There are solutions and there are people working hard to make a positive change. It is a good time to be alive and to take on this challenge. If we worked together, do our bit in our ‘every day’ then it won’t be too late — we can still make the world a better place.

1pm – 3pm | ‘Who Grew My Clothes’

Come and explore the origins of your clothing from soil to garment. We will look at international and local supply chains and how your clothing is grown, processed and manufactured.
Zero Waste Workshop

3pm – 5pm | ‘Zero Waste Workshop’

Zero Waste Victoria
Find out what ‘zero waste’ is and simple waste reduction steps to live a more fair and ethical lifestyle. Join us for workshops and demonstrations including DIY natural toiletry products (eg. dry shampoo, toothpaste), cleaning products, beeswax wraps and more. Got questions? Want to lower your impact at home, work or when you’re out and about? Come and chat to the Zero Waste Victoria group who are on a journey towards a minimal waste lifestyle. We will show that reducing waste can be simple, satisfying and fun because together we can make a difference!

sewing materials - Project Selvage

5pm – 7pm | ‘Clothing Repair’

Extend the life of your clothing by learning how to do basic repairs. Great life skills to have and no sewing experience necessary.

Plastic Bag Weaving Techniques

7pm – 9pm | ‘Plastic Bag Weaving Techniques’

Impatiently Patient, Lucia
Do you have a pile of plastic bags at home? Give them a second chance and learn how to repurpose them into a variety of objects. You’ll learn how to turn plastic bags into yarn and you get your hands on some basic upcycling techniques.