Stories at Work – Survive then, Thrive

We’re all in the business of communication. We communicate because we want others to think, feel or act in response. Add to this a crisis that is impacting on how we think, feel and act, then how well we communicate becomes even more critical.

In response to this unprecedented situation we face together, Sandy McDonald and Moral Fairground have created a remote learning experience we believe answers three issues you may be facing today:

  1. Keeping the momentum
    You’re a changemaker. You care about stuff beyond Covid-19. Learning to tell Change Stories will help keep your momentum going and working toward shifting the dial.
  2. Keeping connected
    Developing a storytelling communication plan will help to keep you connected and grow your community through the months ahead
  3. Using this time well
    This training has been re-structured to foster a deeper connection within a community of change-makers while embedding the practice of storytelling as life skills for your future.

There are just two places left. Come and join us in a transformative, exciting learning adventure.

Date: A five weeks online program on the following dates: 16th April 2020, 23rd April 2020, 30th April 2020, 7th May 2020, 14th May 2020

Time: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM each week
Location: This is an online workshop. A link for the meeting will be sent after registration.

Early Bird is $225 + GST finishing on the 10th of April
Standard Price is $297 + GST

Tickets available here

This remote interactive five weeks training has been designed with the City of Whittlesea Business Community in mind.

Why does good communication matter?

The quality of your communication informs the quality of your relationships in business with colleagues, staff, and customers. How well you communicate, especially in tough times, really does matter.

Today, communication must do an even bigger job to help keep your business flowing. More than ever, it must be absolutely effective to educate, influence, and motivate people in a difficult environment.

How well you communicate determines whether your marketing messages are heard and stick with those you most want to engage with.

It measures your success at capturing the scarcest human commodity —our attention.

And we say, hello Story at Work!

Why stories?

Scientific research shows that when we both tell and hear emotional, character-driven stories, it builds trust and the willingness to cooperate.

These outcomes alone are compelling reasons to learn how to tell purpose-driven, contextualized stories to boost powerful communication.

But more, when you tell stories from the clarity of purpose and principles, it fuels the human energy to act and do good with your business for your community in Whittlesea.

What do you gain?

Story at Work is remote, interactive training to turn you and your staff into compelling storytellers, which will enrich your communication and marketing skills.

The training is in three parts spread over five sessions.