Join us for an online event in which we take a closer look at taking steps towards creating safer and healthier urban landscapes for us all, by us all!

With the current pandemic, Moral Fairground will be taking its monthly networking online for the foreseeable future! We believe that now is the perfect time to become more familiar with building sovereignty around our personal and communal health, exploring how we can engage with nature in a more balanced way to replenish health from the ground up.

In this event expert speakers will share:

  • Actionable steps to creating safer and healthier urban landscapes for all, by all.
  • The distorted balance of our ecosystems is mirrored in the current wave of catastrophes. A mini dive into statistics, cause & effect, key examples, and core actionable steps that can help to offset the unbalance.
  • Acknowledging nature’s wisdom and tips to working in harmony with nature and working towards regaining a healthier balance in nature, reducing the depletion of soil nutrients and bacteria for better quality and healthier produce etc.
  • Education around reducing aggressive manipulation of the land with aggressive inputs and how to rather support natural processes through encouraging diversity of plants and soil microbes.


Thomas Kennett

Thomas Kennett

Sustainability Professional and Regenerate Moderator

Rachelle Armstrong

Rachelle Armstrong

Owner/Director at NutriSoil

Nick Rose

Dr. Nick Rose

Executive Director Sustain

Coming together to share knowledge and tools to enhance our relationship to health, environment and community is in itself an immune booster! We can continue to connect and grow from the comfort of our own homes via technology! Let’s see this as an opportunity to continue to evolve together!

As a small business, we are aiming to maintain community engagement during this challenging time as well as do our best to accommodate the current challenges that most of us are facing. In light of this, the costing of this event will be flexible based on what you can pay.

Event Details

Date & Time: Wednesday 29th April 2020, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, online via Zoom
Cost Range:$5.50 – $22 AUD
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