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Bringing together social enterprises, business with purpose and individuals or businesses that want to explore the opportunities that exist to achieve positive social and environment outcomes as a result of collective collaborations and sharing knowledge of how scalable impact is achieved through leadership, innovation and collaborations.

Current Event

The City of Whittlesea in partnership with Moral Fairground is inviting 16 to 20 local businesses to apply for a series of networking events in a workshop style for businesses or business with purpose in the City of Whittlesea. The workshops will bring together social enterprises, business with purpose and individuals or business that want to explore the opportunity of how through business they can have positive social and environmental outcomes.

Enterprises and individuals must commit to attending all four workshops over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Each workshop we will bring an expert in a specific area of impact. The workshops will be run as intensive sessions where we will allow time for networking, learning, participating and collaborating

For your business/enterprise to be considered, you need to complete the following form by 20th of July 2019


Past Networking Events

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