Leaders of Change School Program

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Leaders Of Change School

Leaders of Change

Moral Fairground’s Leaders of Change Program is a social entrepreneurial education, program designed to give students the opportunity to be free thinkers, and use their innovative ideas to help come up with a solution for one of our Social Enterprise Partners.

The aim is to encourage big-picture thinking and enhance the students’ entrepreneurial skills using a hands-on approach, whilst encouraging youth-led innovation in an emerging conscious business sector.

Using their problem solving skills and creative thinking, students’ will be guided through a real-life business scenario and taken through in-class activities to discover potential solutions.

It’s a great opportunity for our Social Enterprise Partners to engage with the future generation, helping to grow their awareness and tap into the skills and mindsets of a younger market.

School’s wanting to find out more about how this unique program can inspire an entire classroom, and how it can be tailored to suit individual learning needs, can click here for more information.

Social Enterprise Partners who are ready to engage with the next generation of innovators and want to find out how this program can benefit them, can click here for more information.

Businesses who are passionate for change, who see the value in empowering young people to have a positive impact on the world, and want to help create a fairer and more ethical future, can click here for more information.

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Leaders of Change School Conference

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