The story behind the speaker #8: Felicity Green


Felicity Green on sustainable business models and using commercial skills for good.

As the conference draws near, we’re so excited to be able to bring you another story behind the speaker, because we feel she’s one you definitely need to know about.

Felicity Green is Associate Director at Spark Strategy, and her passion for, and experience in, blending profit and purpose to address social challenges has seen the success of countless organisations across Victoria.

Leading the Melbourne team (a proud B Corp), Felicity has particular expertise in mental health, education and collective impact, meaning her talk is one you don’t want to miss.

Meet Felicity below…

On her role, experience journey to where Felicity is now; why she is passionate about the industry:

Felicity co-founded Spark Strategy as a vehicle through which to use commercial skills for good. Through her journey at Spark she has been fortunate to work across not-for-profit, government, corporate and philanthropic sectors, experimenting with different levers for social change. Motivated by working with courageous leaders who eschew the status quo, Felicity is passionate about harnessing the power of creativity, lateral thinking and insight from those at the centre of social challenges, to develop better pathways forward. Leading the Melbourne team, Felicity has now developed particularly expertise in sustainable business models and collective impact, and has a strong focus on unlocking the power of ‘intrapreneurship’ for change.

Something we may not already know about Felicity:

Felicity spent the majority of her twenties living in China. With Beijing as her home base, she dedicated a number of years to learning Mandarin, then completed her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Peking University. This pivotal phase in her personal and professional journey made Felicity question cultural assumptions that she was not aware she held, and develop a great appreciation for her fortunate circumstances in an inequitable world. This contributed significantly to her pursuit of a career in the for-purpose space, resulting in her leaving corporate management consulting to launch the (B Corp certified) social business, Spark Strategy.

What can we expect to learn from Felicity at this year’s conference?

Designing a scalable, sustainable business model for social impact. Successfully designing and implementing a sustainable business model is the holy grail for a for-purpose business. Spark Strategy’s core business is to work with social sector organisations to maximise impact and develop financial resilience. In this session, Spark Associate Director and Co- Founder Felicity will share with you our approach to designing a scalable, sustainable business model, which turns strategy on its head.

Looking forward to learning more from Felicity’s talk? So are we.

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We look forward to seeing you at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018!

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