From gladwraps to beeswax wraps


Conventional plastics have always been one of the main concerns in tackling landfill reduction. We know how easy it is to use gladwrap but it is soft plastic, it impossible to be recycle and it contributes to the landfill load. Hence, many environment enthusiasts have introduced other eco-friendly food wrap alternatives for individuals to utilise at home and one of them is the founder of easybeesy eco goods, Portia. Easybeesy eco goods, as their business name suggests, produces colourful beeswax wraps.


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Not only do they make beeswax wraps, they also sell other sustainable household goods such as metal straws, DIY plant-based wax kit using your favourite cloth, coffee cups and reusable shopping bags!

Another voice for supporting an eco-friendly home is Laura, founder of Little Bumble.

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Little Bumble advocates for the reduction of food wastage and plastics to landfill. Thus, through many research and hard work, they started making reusable food wraps replacing gladwrap and snap lock bags.

Easybeesy eco goods and Little Bumble will be exhibiting on this weekend (6th – 7th April 2019) at the Fair@Square Ethical Lifestyle Festival 2019 hoping to introduce more eco-friendly alternatives in reducing waste at home to the public. As Mother’s Day is around the corner, how about surprising with some beautiful reusable food wraps! If you haven’t tried using them yet, it’s not too late to start practising with your family at home!

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