Forming sustainable opportunities for Fair Living within Melbournes seekers of Asylum


Melbourne is a culturally diverse city that sees unique types of businesses, skills, and information that people bring with them from their homelands. In the current climate we are becoming more aware that embracing traditional practices and understanding each other’s cultural differences can play a huge part in shaping a city that is adaptable and harmonious, and the way we see it, businesses have the power to shape communities and in sharing information, business tools and guidance, culturally diverse communities will be able to positively impact local economies. Education is what enables us to make better choices, which can lead the generation of a rise in sustainable business practices.

Abiola Ajetomobi is a social innovator who is passionate about forming creative and sustainable solutions to increase the economic and social participation of people that would otherwise be left behind in society. Abiola shares that ensuring that the individuals she works with have the level of agency required at all stages of the process is what is at the heart of that. Abiola is extremely passionate about self actualisation and independence of those seeking asylum and refuge.

Working in this field is what makes Abiola an integral part of The Ethical Enterprise 2020 committee as she brings an awareness and understanding about groups of people that we don’t know as intimately as we do, and Abiola is able to share on their specific needs, desires and challenges. As we want to make this year’s conference accessible and valuable to a broad scope of people, we invited in women working in specific fields and communities, so that we could better understand how to create an environment that is both welcoming and educationally supportive to the people we would love to see at the conference. Join us as we learn more about Abiola’s journey and how her role contributes to creating fair living standards.

Q. What inspired you to begin working in the industry/begin your own business?

My inspiration or mandate I will say came strongly from my personal experience of seeking refuge here in Australia. Over the years I’ve seen accelerated level injustice, destitution and intentional cruelty people are facing. I was determined to make a difference in my little way.

Q. How does the work you do contribute positively to society and the planet?

Everyone in life deserves a fair go, don’t they? A right to be. A right to a decent job, a right to basic human rights, a right to self-actualization, a right to contribute meaningfully to society. Our society and planet and planet are better off for it.

Q. What excites you most about the concept of ‘shaping the future’?

The fact that every single individual on the face of the earth as a part to play in shaping the future gender, race, religion notwithstanding.

Q. What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others?

I’ve learnt that leadership is not a position but a conscious way of being. And you need to keep at it, keep growing, keep learning particularly from those you lead and creating space for others to rise.

Q. What is your approach in leveling the playing field for people from diverse cultures and abilities?

Simply put. I’ve stopped waiting for people to validate me or give me a chance. I’m all about creating our own tables and amplifying our voices.

Q. What mantra do you find yourself telling yourself most often and why?

Abiola, believe in yourself, believe in what you bring to the table and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Q. Are you offering anything currently? (events/coaching/other services)

Yes, I am part of an amazing group, women of colour collective, our 2020 Women of Colour Gathering Event would be held on the 1st of August 2020 at RMIT Storey Hall. This is women of colour creating our own table and amplifying our voices.

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