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Melbourne is a culturally diverse city that sees unique types of businesses, skills, and information that people bring with them from their homelands. (more…)


When contemplating strategic moves, creating change whether personally or for the business, environment or social impact, clarity is arguably the most important factor. (more…)


One of Victoria’s local heroes, Melanie Raymond, Chair of Youth Projects, is with us today and is a great representation of youth and homelessness advocacy on our committee and thus a part of our 10 Women, 10 Stories blog series. (more…)


Welcome back to the 10 women, 10 stories blog series! If you’ve read the other posts then you’ll know that in this series is all about highlighting the wonderful women in the ‘for purpose’ world. (more…)


In the lead up to International Women’s Day, the Women in Social Enterprise Event, and with the formation of our extra-special 2020 ten women strong committee, we will be bringing to you a series of 10 stories from 10 women. (more…)