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This infographic covers facts and figures about Fair Trade, information on fair trade products and also has a section about the upcoming World Fair Trade Day in May. (more…)


View The Victorian Fair Trade Festival Program

During April and May the Victorian Fair Trade Festival Program will include the Fair Trade Market, Kids’ Corner, Fair Trade Yoga, Ethical Fashion Show, Fair Trade Mothers’ Day High Tea and much more.


View all the Fair Trade Event Trail Events

FREE activities, programs and celebrations around Melbourne and beyond to empower and educate people everywhere on how small positive actions can contribute to a fair society. (more…)

View the Made In Event
You might be surprised to find how our purchasing decisions here in Australia can effect communities around the world.

The main aim of the installation at the Fracture Gallery is to provide an engaging illustration about the origins of some fair trade products, and how each of these products contributes to benefit the makers. We hope to create awareness about how Fair trade aims to build the capacity of the communities who make the products that we purchase, and how our support can help to create a fairer society today, for tomorrow. Find out more.