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Conventional plastics have always been one of the main concerns in tackling landfill reduction. We know how easy it is to use gladwrap but it is soft plastic, it impossible to be recycle and it contributes to the landfill load. Hence, many environment enthusiasts have introduced other eco-friendly food wrap alternatives for individuals to utilise at home and one of them is the founder of easybeesy eco goods, Portia. Easybeesy eco goods, as their business name suggests, produces colourful beeswax wraps.

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As consumers, our choice in deciding the food that we consume or purchase is essentially powerful. The morning bite we have of our avo toast drives the world economy. Thus, it is important as consumers that we have this conscious awareness of food or ingredients that we purchase, from the farm to table.

The rise of social enterprises are slowly revitalising the food systems. Such enterprises practise sustainable food supply for households experiencing poverty in developing countries.



How Activism and Retail can Intersect
Ariahne Thompson | Campaign Manager
Ethical Enterprise Conference 2018

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Read the ‘Consuming Modern Slavery’ report.

Consumer perspectives towards modern slavery


Founder and MD, Loving Earth

How would you describe yourself?
I jump around the place quite a bit and always enjoy exploring new ideas and new things as I tend to get impatient with more of the same. For me, connection with nature is really important and drives a lot of what I do, I love to be able to spend time being active in the outdoors and be out in the ocean or bush.

How do you spend your days at work?
I spend a lot of time walking around talking to people and am spending less and less time at my desk. Obviously, there are meetings but checking in with people and being down in the factory playing with product or seeing what’s going on with the equipment usually takes up most of the day. (more…)


Felicity Green on sustainable business models and using commercial skills for good.

As the conference draws near, we’re so excited to be able to bring you another story behind the speaker, because we feel she’s one you definitely need to know about.

Felicity Green is Associate Director at Spark Strategy, and her passion for, and experience in, blending profit and purpose to address social challenges has seen the success of countless organisations across Victoria.

Leading the Melbourne team (a proud B Corp), Felicity has particular expertise in mental health, education and collective impact, meaning her talk is one you don’t want to miss.

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Molly Harris Olson on activism, fair trade and being part of the solution to make the world a better place.

As the CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, Molly Harriss Olson leads a dynamic team strengthening Fairtrade supply chains, growing impact for small producers and bolstering environmental and economic sustainability practices throughout the Asia Pacific region. (more…)


Matt Perfect on impact spending, sailing and the rise of the ethical supplier.

For most (if not all) of us heading to Moral Fairground’s Ethical Enterprise Conference this year, ethics and social impact is our ‘raison d’être’. But what about impact spending? Is it a term you’ve heard before and is it on your radar? If not, you need to meet Matt Perfect.

Matt is the Founder of Impact Spender and a quick scroll through his LinkedIn will provide you with a plethora of people that have been helped tremendously by Matt’s work in ‘impact spending’.

Matt is a facilitator and coach who helps people in business re-imagine their workplace spending and supplier relationships as a force for good.

With over a decade of experience as a procurement practitioner and management consultant, Matt has held senior roles with National Australia Bank, Toll Group and The Faculty Management Consultants where he led Australia’s most highly regarded Roundtable for Chief Procurement Officers.

These days, Matt consults to both public and private sector organisations, helping them to drive more impact with their procurement spending. He is also a regular commentator and speaker on procurement and social impact. 

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Sabina Wills on sewage plants, creative cartoons and keeping Victoria beautiful.

Sabina Wills – not only is she the CEO of Keep Victoria Beautiful (one of Australia’s oldest environmental groups with a rich history in community reward and recognition), she is also a creative cartoonist and founder of the Aim High Aim Zero cartoon series.

With both a civil engineering and fine arts degree, Sabina started her working life at a sewerage treatment plant and is now a CEO.

Throughout her journey she has used cartooning as a way of telling stories and having fun; Sabina believes that everyone is creative and wants to reignite the creative spark that so many people have lost in their lives!

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Melanie Yap: Global Nomad and Social Impact Specialist

Be it from Canberra to Papua New Guinea, London to Singapore or Cook Islands to Melbourne, global nomad and social impact specialist Melanie Yap has been making waves internationally.

Melanie is the Director of Social Impact for Ellis Jones, an award-winning research, strategy, communications and design agency in Melbourne.

Her passion for social impact is infectious and her unwavering drive to affect change is a force to be reckoned with. I caught up with Melanie to hear more about her journey, and what a ride it’s been!

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