Ethical Enterprise Conference Program 2018

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EEC 2018 Program

Meet the Ethical Enterprise Conference Speakers

Professor Dirk Matten

Professor Dirk Matten [KeyNote]

Professor, Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto, Canada

KEYNOTE: “The Global State of CSR”

The Trump administration has broken many core democratic values, raising social, environmental and ethical concerns. The effect on the corporate sector, however, has led to some remarkable new initiatives, re-invigorating their political priorities in regard to corporate social responsibility. These shifts and others beyond the US will be discussed. Read more…
Dirk Matten is a Professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto, Canada, where he holds the Hewlett-Packard Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility. Read more…

eec speaker Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

Speaker, MC, Comedian

TALK: Pozzy to Cozzy:
Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy

This highly entertaining and inspirational keynote exposes the archaic worldview of patriarchy as the systemic root cause of the toxic nature of traditional business models. Read more…
I’ve been a professional speaker, corporate comedian, master of ceremonies and writer for over 30 years. Read more…

eec speaker Fabian Courtaux

Fabian Courtaux

Founder & lead negotiator
Trusted Negotiator

WORKSHOP: “How Your Toughest Conversations/Conflicts Can Lead to Your Greatest Business and Personal Success

Discover how your toughest conversations/conflicts can lead to your greatest business and personal success. Read more…

Fabian is passionate about relationships and more particularly giving a voice to those who struggle to be heard. Read more…

Kaushik Sridhar

Dr. Kaushik Sridhar [Panel]

National Sustainability Manager
Regis Healthcare

PANEL TOPIC: “Impact Inside & Out”

”A Pragmatic Passion” – How does one go about finding and establishing purpose in life and work? I will share my journey on my pursuit of purpose that has led me across continents to where I am today.Read more…
Dr. Kaushik Sridhar is the National Sustainability Manager at Regis Healthcare, Advisory Board Member at Lord Mayor Charitable Foundation, Business Coach at Latrobe University’s Accelerator Program Read more…

eec speaker Scott Fry

Scott Fry [Panel]

Founder, Loving Earth

PANEL TOPIC: “Impact Inside & Out”

”Loving Earth’s journey” – Scott Fry, Loving Earth’s Founder will be sharing Loving Earth’s journey and his experience of founding and growing Loving Earth into a global brand from a start-up in the spare room! He’ll be discussing the mechanisms and dynamics of boot-strapping and self-financing that has lead him and the brand to where it is today. Read more…

It was while living in India studying yoga and working with Adivasi rice farmers on the outskirts of Mumbai that the idea of Loving Earth was born. Read more…

Peta Granger

Peta Granger [Panel]

CEO, Lush Australia

PANEL TOPIC: “Impact Inside & Out”

Bring together three people from diverse backgrounds and working in very different industry to talk about how they went about finding purpose in their life and work, how these values are also values that they use in the business. Read more…

Peta first joined Lush 16 years ago as a sales assistant in Dublin and later joined International Support, traveling to over 35 countries helping build Lush businesses globally. Read more…

eec speakers megan davis

Megan Davis

Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb

WORKSHOP: “Storytelling: The Interactive Board Game”

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling via an interactive storytelling board game. Each player will participate in creating a narrative that has a theme and a compelling message. Read more…

Megan Davis, the Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb, has been crafting narratives in Melbourne and around the world since 2012. Spendlove and Lamb specialise in storytelling, narrative strategy, content production and management. Read more…

eec speaker Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins

CEO, StartSomeGood

WORKSHOP: “Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises: The Proven Formula for Success”

Presented by social impact crowdfunding platform this practical, fast-moving and informative presentation will teach you everything you need to know to be great at crowdfunding. Read more…

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder and CEO of, a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises, non-profits and community initiatives globally. Read more…

eec speaker Jon Staley

Jon Staley

Founding Manager, Youthworx

WORKSHOP: “Create striking visual content”

Creating striking visual content is key to reaching the hearts and minds of today’s consumers and decision makers. This workshop will explore different ways organisations can use film to cut through and make and impact in our information saturated societies.
Read more…

Jon Staley is a Producer, Writer, Director and Social Entrepreneur and has been involved in establishing Youthworx from scratch – taking the seed idea of using creative media to engage highly marginalised young people and building a sustainable social enterprise model. Read more…

eec speakers felicity green

Felicity Green

Associate Director & Co-Founder,
Spark Strategy

TALK: “Designing a scalable, sustainable business model for social impact”

Successfully designing and implementing a sustainable business model is the holy grail for a for-purpose business. Read more…

Felicity brings an international perspective to her engagements, a result of her professional and academic experience. Read more…

eec speaker Hemi Hossain

Hemi Hossain

International Speaker,
Founder, Grow With Hemi

TALK: “Create your fortune and enjoy
the life you deserve”

How to grow and scale up the business? Take the business to the global market. How to add values to others life through your business. How to create the empire and help others through your business.
Read more…

Hemi Hossain is a leading success coach for the Entrepreneurs and startups. Hemi has been very successful in his professional career and business journey and previously worked for organisations like ANZ bank and Telstra in Australia. Read more…

eec speaker Michal Carrington

Michal Carrington

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business
and Economics, University of Melbourne

TALK: “Understanding the Ethical Consumer”

Michal researches in consumption ethics, business ethics, and consumer culture. Her research is published in a range of international journals, including European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research. Read more…

Ostii Ananda

Ostii Ananda

Founder, Flowji

WORKSHOP: “The four steps to website success”

You can expect to learn the steps you need to take to ensure you don’t waste time or money on creating or updating your website. Read more…

Ostii’s a heart-centred entrepreneur using his tech and web knowledge to empower members of his growing and earth-conscious community. Read more…

eec speaker Michael McGann

Michael McGann

Senior Manager, St Kilda Community Housing

TALK: “For Purpose Organisation Branding”

Defining the brand of your for purpose organisation allows you to achieve a number of critical requirements in the success of your organisation. Read more…

Michael worked in Financial services and management consulting prior to joining skysdesign as the Business Development Manager in 2013. Read more…

eec speakers fuzz and carolyn kitto

Fuzz & Carolyn Kitto

Stop the Traffik Australia

TALK: An Australian Modern Slavery Act

How will it impact us? What do we have to do? What is it going to do? We will inform about how this has come about and why and how we can make this into a movement that can change our culture. Read more…
Fuzz Kitto is a co-director of STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia which is a coalition of civil society, trade unions and businesses working together to prevent, disrupt and abolish human trafficking. Read more…

eec speaker Sandy McDonald

Sandy McDonald


WORKSHOP: “The impact of great storytelling on effective communication and purpose led culture.”

Where attention is our rarest commodity, we’re reminded that successful communication must have these five attributes: clarity, intention, credibility… Read more…
Founder of and charity, CreateCare Global, Sandy McDonald is an author, a TEDx speaker, and a storytelling trainer, working with business to bring clarity of communication through story. Read more…

eec speaker Colin Coster

Colin Coster [Panel Facilitator]

Founder, Purpose Built Life

PANEL TOPIC: “Starting and Growing a Conscious Business”


A panel discussion featuring Australian business leaders and case studies who are on the Conscious Business journey.
Read more…

Colin Coster founded his business ‘Purpose Built Life’ to help leaders of all walks of life embrace their own purpose to realise positive impact for communities and our planet. Read more…

eec speaker Victoria Plaksin

Victoria Plaksin [Panel]

Co-founder & managing director
Trusted Negotiator

PANEL TOPIC: “Starting and Growing a Conscious Business”

Victoria leads a team that boasts more than 200 years of combined experience in high stakes negotiations. Read more…

Geoff Manchester

Geoff Manchester [Panel]

Co-founder Intrepid Group
Chairman The Intrepid Foundation

PANEL TOPIC: “Starting and Growing a Conscious Business”

Globally recognised as a pioneer in responsible travel, Geoff Manchester is the co-founder of Intrepid Group, the world’s largest provider of adventure travel experiences… Read more…

Dina Listmangoff

Dina Listmangof [Panel]

Founder & Director
HappyGreen Distribution

PANEL TOPIC: “Starting and Growing a Conscious Business”

As the Director of HappyGreen, a Victorian based distribution company, Dina had no idea what she was in for when she founded HappyGreen in 2013. Read more…

Anne Miles

Anne Miles [Panel]

Managing Director
International Creative Services

PANEL TOPIC: “Starting and Growing a Conscious Business”

Anne Miles is Managing Director of International Creative Services, a winner of the Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow for her focus on diversity, changing the advertising industry business model… Read more…

eec speaker Jan Owen

Jan Owen

Foundation for Young Australians


Beneath the seemingly benign surface of Australia’s labour market, there is a quiet revolution occurring in the way we work. Across the globe, massive changes in technology, demographics and globalisation are driving an unprecedented transformation. Read more…

Jan is a highly regarded social entrepreneur, innovator, commentator and author who has spent the past 25 years growing the youth, social enterprise and innovation sectors. Read more…

eec speaker ian allsop

Ian Allsop

Senior Fellow
Melbourne Business School

WORKSHOP: Building your business


This workshop will enable the participants to create value and build their business or social enterprise. Read more…

Dr Allsop is an organisational consultant specialising in the area of strategic leadership. He Is a former managing director of Bioss International (Australia) and the consulting arm of the Brunel Institute of Organisational and Social Studies. Read more…

eec speaker George Gekas

George Gekas

CEO & Co-Founder, badalya

PANEL TOPIC: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

There is not a lot of information widely known about the various social and environmental certification schemes beyond the taglines and sound-bites. Read more…

eec speaker Molly Harriss Olson

Molly Harriss Olson [Panel]

CEO Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

PANEL TOPIC: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

As the CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, Molly Harriss Olson leads a dynamic team strengthening Fairtrade supply chains, growing revenue and bolstering environmental… Read more…

Nicole Lamond

Nicole Lamond [Panel]

Founder & Owner Universal Village

PANEL TOPIC: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

Nicole combines her passion for life, enlightenment and fine food through running Universal Village, a fair trade food business that markets the Qi Tea and Eloments Vitamin Tea brands. Read more…

eec speaker Dr Kate MacDonald

Dr Kate MacDonald [Panel]

Lecturer University of Melbourne

PANEL TOPIC: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

Dr Kate MacDonald’s research examines emerging systems of global economic governance, with a particular focus on social, labour and human rights governance arrangements and their implications for developing countries. Read more…

Heidi Holmes

Heidi Holmes [Panel]

Co-founder & Chief Operations Office, Mentorloop

PANEL TOPIC: Conscious Leadership

Accountant and marketer by trade, Heidi spent the first years of her professional career in tax accounting and marketing for the financial services giant, KPMG. Read more…

eec speaker sabina wills

Sabina Wills

Aim High Aim Zero cartoonist

WORKSHOP: Creative cartoons to visualise ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to put together what you want to say. The words aren’t the right ones and the sentences don’t make sense. But everyone can draw and doodle and dream. Read more…

Sabina Wills writes the Aim High Aim Zero cartoon which chronicles the life of Amy, who is striving to get her charity financials to zero profit. Read more…

eec speaker clifford moss

Clifford Moss [Panel Facilitator]

Co-Founder, Good Business Matters & Goodsmiths

PANEL TOPIC: Stronger together, exploring collaborations

Whether you’re a start-up or more established social impact business, or just considering starting a new enterprise, chances are you have common goals… Read more…

Clifford is passionate about investing time and energy into developing and supporting brands with purpose because these are the ones that consumers will care about in the long-term and the ones that actually matter. Read more…

eec speaker Carolyn Suggate

Carolyn Suggate [Panel]

Founder & Director
Organic & Regenerative Investment Cooperative

TALK: Stronger together, exploring collaborations

Carolyn Suggate is a passionate driven, and deeply aligned with the land and our food system kind of person. Read more…

Sieta Beckwith

Sieta Beckwith [Panel]

Communications Manager
Ceres Community Environment Park

TALK: Stronger together, exploring collaborations

With 15 years’ experience in organisation-wide narrative development, Sieta has worked across social enterprise, for-profit and non-profit sectors, helping organisations clarify their purpose, strengthen their messaging and meet business, environmental and social targets. Read more…

eec speaker Camille Reed

Camille J Reed [Panel]

Founder, Australia’s first
Circular Fashion Conference

TALK: Stronger together, exploring collaborations

Camille Reed is has a feverous passion for sustainability and she warms to only the biggest challenges. She is currently building Australia’s newest and largest association: The Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA)… Read more…

Matt Perfect

Matt Perfect [Panel Facilitator]

Founder Impact Spender

PANEL TOPIC: Impact Spending and the Rise of the Ethical Supplier

There has never been a better time to be an ethical supplier to government and big business. Major regulatory change at both the state and federal level… Read more…
Matt is a facilitator and coach who helps people in business re-imagine their workplace spending as a force for good..
Read more…

eec speakers monica miloi

Monica Miloi [Panel]

Senior Procurement Manager

PANEL TOPIC: Impact Spending and the Rise of the Ethical Supplier

An experienced procurement professional, committed to driving positive social and economic outcomes through procurement.
Read more…

eec speaker paul holland

Paul Holland [Panel]

Director of Procurement
University of Melbourne

PANEL TOPIC: Impact Spending and the Rise of the Ethical Supplier

Paul Holland is a senior commercial manager who partners with executives and department heads to help understand, transform & improve business functions. Read more…

Thomi Veginis

Thomai Veginis [Panel]

Chief Procurement Officer Telstra

PANEL TOPIC: Impact Spending and the Rise of the Ethical Supplier

Thomai has been a Procurement professional for the past 20 years. During that time she has managed large procurement teams across Asia and Australia and has led complex Business Transformation projects. Read more…

eec speaker Olivia Clark Moffatt

Olivia Clark Moffatt

Head of Australia Consulting
The Difference Incubator

WORKSHOP: “The Fundamentals of a Financially Sustainable, Impact Driven Business Model”

Nonprofits, corporates, social enterprises and start-ups – whatever ‘business’ you are in – it is possible to both do good and make money, without having to compromise on either side of the equation. Read more…

Olivia Is the Head of Australia Consulting at The Difference Incubator. She is an innovative leader who multiplies human capacity for social good and uses new ideas and strategies to increase organisational health as well as individual performance. Read more…

Melanie Yap

Melanie Yap

Director, Social Impact, Ellis Jones

TALK: Shared Value

We live in times where there is growing expectation on businesses to use their dollars to do good. At the same time, the not for profit sector is being challenged by government and funders to more clearly articulate their value. Read more…

Melanie Yap leads Ellis Jones’ social impact work. She heads an expert team delivering shared value strategy, social innovation, impact measurement, and initiative design projects, nationally. Read more…

eec speaker Bridget Blackford

Bridget Blackford [Panel Facilitator]

Organisation Development Consultant & Executive Coach, Director, Triskel Coaching Consultancy

PANEL TOPIC: Conscious Leadership

Bridget is an organisational development consultant with extensive experience in designing and delivering strategic change, performance improvement and leadership development programs in complex and challenging environments. Read more…

Skye Tipler

Skye Tipler [Panel]

Director Mkt. Communications

PANEL TOPIC: Conscious Leadership

Skye founded Mkt. Communications in 2006 with a vision to create an agency underpinned by her guiding business principles – respect, collaboration and creativity. Skye is a highly accomplished marketing professional with broad experience…Read more…

Malcolm Lazenby [Panel]

Co-founder Global Leadership Foundation

PANEL TOPIC: Conscious Leadership

My working journey started a long way from where I am now. One of my earliest jobs was with the service department in an automotive dealership in my home state of Tasmania,.. Read more…