EEEPC 2019 winners, HUMIFORM, with Susanna Beliacqua and Sponsors Dainel Dubois, Chris Cao, Cameron Neil, Clifford Moss and Matt Perfect at the Ethical Enterprise Award Dinner, Oct 2019


If you’ve been following our events and social media over the last few weeks you’d know that HUMIFORM were the wonderful winners of the EEEPC 2019 at this years Ethical Enterprise Conference ‘Collaboration for Change’!

We’ve briefly introduced you to this inspiring Melbourne based ethical fashion company, and now we want to invite you to come in a little closer to learn a little more about how HUMIFORM came to be, what they aim to do and achieve as a company and why their message is important!

HUMIFORMs collaborative action and how it benefits all involved

HUMIFORM tries to collaborate with young people at every opportunity as their aim as a business is to empower them to become active citizens and changemakers. From sourcing the artwork for their ethically made t-shirts, to designing the concepts for photoshoots and co-creating roving art installations, all of their work centres around developing and nurturing young people’s voice and agency.

These experiences allow HUMIFORM’s collaborators to be a part of something real and tangible that shares their message about the change they would like to see in the world with audiences beyond their family and friends. It is an integral part of the work they do and it gives HUMIFORM the opportunity to learn from the people they are trying to serve and understand how they can best support them to drive impact in their communities.

The most rewarding experience HUMIFORM as a company has had thus far with their endeavours

The aim of HUMIFORM t-shirts is to act as an everyday placard that shares a message about the change young people want to see. HUMIFORM shared that this has been really rewarding for them to hear about the conversations the tees are sparking, and then sharing that feedback with the young artists behind the designs. HUMIFORM hope to see this impact grow as the business expands and reaches new audiences.

The inspiration behind HUMIFORM’s birth

On November 30th 2018, founder Megan attended the first student climate strike in Melbourne. She retells how she left the event brimming with excitement and racking her brain trying to work out what she could do, with the skills she had, to help the students amplify their demands for climate action in the lead up to the 2019 federal election. At that point, parallel to her job as a teacher’s aide, Megan had also worked in sustainable fashion as a writer, content creator, researcher and consultant for about 5 years.

Megan has realised that most young people, although passionate about the environment, are unaware of the social and environmental impacts of the clothes they wear. With HUMIFORM Megan and her team want to bring young people in on the co-creation process, educate them on how their clothes are made and try to build a strong connection to their unique t-shirts so that they really value the resources, energy and passion that went into creating them.

Aims in your business sector for the next year?

HUMIFORM doesn’t want to be just another ethical fashion brand. They want to build a community of empowered young change makers. Which is why, alongside the t-shirts they are running events, workshops and developing education programs in collaboration with educators that challenge young people’s understanding of the role they play in driving change in their communities, both locally and globally. Plans include introducing their t-shirt design competition model to schools, allowing students to create a t-shirt they can then wear as part of their uniform. During the process they will learn about how the tees are made and what they can do to minimise the impact of the clothes they wear through reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling.

HUMIFORM’s aim is to build their network and reach as many schools and young people as possible in 2020.

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