Collaboration For Change


Collaboration is an interesting thing, we see collaboration taking place across different sectors and industries all the time. Collaboration grants an individual person or business the ability to work together to achieve a task or goal on a greater scale.

Collaborating makes it possible to achieve things on a larger scale, involving more parties with a common shared goal. It can be used to create positive change to achieve some great outcomes for the community. When it comes to the idea of wanting to give back, wanting to do something that has a positive impact on society, it seems that often we work in silos. There are a plethora of examples of small enterprises with big dreams, big ideas and a mass of creativity. But there is a struggle to generate the funding and human resources to bring those big ideas to light.

This is where collaboration can truly work and play a big part in bringing these big ideas to light. One of the biggest factors that contributes to the success of a goal, is having the right people and know how to make it happen. Collaborating allows for the pooling of talent and utilising people’s strengths, it can develop skills in others, speed up the solution process and increase the efficiency in reaching the shared goal.

True collaboration works well when all parties have a genuine desire to create change, all parties come together as equals to create this change, and all parties put their strengths on the table to create this change.

What I would like to explore, is the idea of true collaboration for change, the topic of this year’s Ethical Enterprise Conference. How do we collaboratively solve social, environmental or global issues? Could a conglomerate of small enterprises come together to collaborate on an idea? What are the examples of true collaboration between a small enterprises and a large corporate or government bodies?

I challenge you to consider this, how will this look for you and your enterprise, how can we make this happen and if you want to share your experience, your knowledge, your research or your view with others?

I encourage you submit an application to speak at this year’s Ethical Enterprise Conference, after all, true collaboration start with the act of sharing.

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