Clarity to Create Change with Alex Tullio


When contemplating strategic moves, creating change whether personally or for the business, environment or social impact, clarity is arguably the most important factor. Where there is a lack of clarity, there tends to be a lack of fulfillment and an inability to effectively reach ‘goals’.

We knew that we needed someone who lives with clarity as a high priority, as well as someone who has experienced both sides of the coin, from being a corporate employee to building their own business to point out which topics would be truly valuable to the delegates of this year’s conference.

Alex Tullio is the CEO and Founder of Alex Tullio Consulting and is a speaker and mentor helping innovative leaders in business to work through complexity to realize their personal visions and to achieve their best results. Alex does this through the lens of balancing and aligning business ecosystems and transforming leadership and entrepreneurial mindsets.

In today’s blog post we get a glimpse of life through Alex’s lense! To see more what of Alex Tullio is all about, visit Alex Tullio Consulting.

Q. What inspired you to begin your own business?

I have seen too many talented leaders get crushed or walk away, because of unrealistic expectations, toxic cultures, and poor leaders. I have seen too many businesses fail – big and small – because of things that with a little imagination, experience and different thinking could have been completely avoided. Both of these scenarios are a waste – of talent, energy and human passion, and it really pisses me off.

Q. How does the work you do contribute positively to society and the planet?

My mission is to challenge the accepted norms and status quo of the personal sacrifices you ‘must’ make to be a leader at the top of your profession. I want to show women that there’s another way and to challenge and re-frame the accepted norms of how businesses need to look, feel and operate.

Ultimately, my big “scary” vision is to create a free business school that supports women trying to get back on their feet, by teaching them the skills and giving them the confidence and the funding to start their own micro-business that will support them and their families.

Q. What excites you most about the concept of ‘shaping the future’?

Being a proactive and inspirational voice and presence who through my actions and words can have a positive impact on others who are struggling or less fortunate than me.

We can’t keep waiting for others to take the lead – we all need to be a part of shaping the future – if not now, when?

Q. What advice do you commonly give to those you work with, be it young women, Mum’s, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc want to succeed in their industry?

Find your zone of genius – the stuff that energizes you, intellectually stimulates you and where you have the most impact – and then outsource/stop/delegate everything else.

Get a great ‘board of advice’ or mentors in your corner. It’s, unfortunately, a fact that most women don’t prioritize developing networks and relationships that will help and support them.

Q. How do you achieve a healthy work-life balance?

I work on this every day. I left my corporate life because I completely burnt out. I found myself recreating the same patterns as I built my own business! I’ve had to reframe what success looks like for me, be kinder to myself, prioritize my health and family time. A big part of this is letting go of the insane notion that we need to do it all – find your zone of genius, define your vision and the role you want to play in achieving that. Surround yourself with brilliant people to do the rest.

Q. What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others?

Success – whatever that means – is an inside job! I believe this now more than ever. I work with CEOs, founders, executives and entrepreneurs, and no matter how outwardly successful they are, they all talk about the toughest challenges being the internal ones. We all share the same insecurities, and negative stories we tell ourselves. The thing that makes a difference is having people in your corner who you can trust, and doing the inner work that helps you re-frame or get rid of the thoughts and mindset that don’t serve you.

Q. What mantra do you find yourself telling yourself most often and why?

What would you tell your best friend? A girlfriend of mine gave me this one, and I find it brings an amazing perspective. We are never as harsh and unkind to others as we are to ourselves. When I find I’m berating myself or feel like I’ve ‘failed’ at something, I ask myself this question, and it gets me out of the emotional response and gives me perspective.

Q. Are you offering anything currently? (events/coaching/other services)

Coaching and mentoring. Bespoke, personalized sessions that suit you. I’ll be your very own wing woman, cheerleader, mental load sharer… and the [stylish] stiletto that will kick your butt when you need it. 6 or 12-month packages
Results: more time, energy and money. When the resources at your disposal (that includes you) are aligned perfectly behind your vision, you get results. You stop wasting time and energy second-guessing, going down rabbit holes and working yourself into the ground. That’s when we start breaking through complexity and realizing our dreams.

‘The Corporate Entrepreneur’
Having a more entrepreneurial workforce isn’t the silver bullet. Nor is asking your staff to ‘act like business owners’.

Programs for corporate teams from 2 days through to 6 months. Combines training & facilitation with coaching and mentoring support.

Magic happens when you create an environment where corporate discipline and the entrepreneurial spirit can not just co-exist, but thrive.

What problems does this solve? Wasted time, energy and resources doing business internally, escalating costs, failed attempts at innovation and transformation, and an inability to respond quickly to customer demands.

Results: Quicker decision making, less resource wastage, and more innovative ideas in just 3 months. Your people will have the confidence, ability, and license to challenge traditional ways, think differently and be more innovative.

Combining corporate discipline with entrepreneurial thinking is the key to transformational results.

Q. How can people work with you/contact you?
Mobile -0402256220

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